3440 Bell St 320 #305

Amarillo, TX 79109

3440 Bell St 320 #305

Amarillo, TX 79109

feedlot nutritionist boot camp

Now accepting applications for the upcoming 2024 Feedlot Nutritionist Boot Camp, which will be held August 12th – 16th in Canyon, TX

The Boot Camp is a weeklong educational event for graduate students that occurs every two years (even years).



The 2024 Plains Nutrition Council Feedlot Nutritionist Boot Camp will be held the week of August 12th – 16th in Canyon, TX.   

Eligible applicants:

Graduate students working on or that recently completed Ph.D. or M.S. degrees in Feedlot Nutrition or a related field.  Program acceptance is contingent upon applicant numbers, and not all applicants will be selected to complete the program.  Priority will be given to students that have not yet completed the program.  Previous attendees can apply but must be working on a different degree at the time of acceptance.  Please note that beginning in 2026, students will no longer be able to complete the program more than once.

Covered expenses:

Lodging and meal expenses of program participants are covered by the Plains Nutrition Council, which is made possible due to the organization’s industry sponsors.  Program participants are responsible for covering the cost of transportation to and from the hotel in Canyon, TX.  

Program overview:

The Plains Nutrition Council Feedlot Nutritionist Boot Camp was first established by Drs. Chris Reinhardt and Mike Hubbert in 2012 to provide graduate students with valuable experiences that better prepare them for careers in the cattle feeding industry.  While this program has evolved over the past decade, it remains true to its initial objectives.  The program is currently organized by Drs. Kendall Samuelson (West Texas A&M University), Kristin Hales (Texas Tech University), and Jason Smith (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension).  Held every other year, this week-long program brings in the industry’s finest to discuss the following aspects of feedlot nutrition, operations, and management:

  • Ration and supplement formulation
  • Feed delivery strategies and intake management
  • Feed manufacturing and grain processing
  • Process controls
  • Nutrients, drugs, and feed additives
  • Feedyard facilities, pen maintenance, and environmental protection
  • Data management, analysis, and decision-making
  • Health and nutrition interactions
  • Cattle procurement and marketing
  • Career opportunities, and transitioning from academia to the cattle feeding industry

Click the button below to download an application.  

Completed applications should be submitted via email to info@theplainsnutritioncouncil.com by no later than May 31st, 2024.  Due to space limitations and program popularity, late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis, and acceptance to participate in the program is not guaranteed.  Applicants will be notified of a decision on their application no later than July 1st, 2024.  Questions should be directed to the Plains Nutrition Council at info@theplainsnutritioncouncil.com