3340 Bell St 320 #305

Amarillo, TX 79109

3340 Bell St 320 #305

Amarillo, TX 79109

feedlot nutritionist boot camp

The Boot Camp is a weeklong educational event for graduate students that occurs every two years (even years).


Eligible Applicants:

Graduate students working on PhD or MS in Feedlot Nutrition or a related field.

Covered Expenses:

Lodging and meals at the Boot Camp are all paid by the Plains Nutrition Council thanks to our sponsors. Attendees must arrange transportation to and from the Boot Camp hotel.

Speaker Topics Include:

The Boot Camp brings in the industries finest to discuss feedlot nutrition, ration formulation, ration management, intake management, delivery strategies, supplement formulation and management, liquids, dries, pellets, drug inclusion, grain processing, feed manufacturing, batching/batch mill, mixer operation, steam flaking/quality control, feedyard facilities, environmental issues, pen maintenance, bunk/alley maintenance, products and their use, cost/benefit, implants, medicated feed additives, beta-agonists, data and decision making, how are decisions made?, field studies, publication bias, “good” data, ethics, feeding for health, vitamins, trace minerals, probiotics, direct-fed microbials, health/nutrition interactions, bad things that can and will happen, marketing and demand trends, markets, grids, cattle types,  cattle supply, global supply and competition, changing structure of the beef industry, corporate feeding needs, transition from academia to industry, careers in academia, consulting, and allied industry.

The Boot Camp organizers would like to thank Drs. Chris Reinhardt and Mike Hubbert for establishing the Boot Camp in 2012. The program has grown over the years and The Plains Nutrition Council welcomed the addition of Boot Camp as a PNC activity for graduate student education and networking.

Look for details for the next Feedlot Nutritionist Boot Camp in 2022.